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The Blocknet Protocol is designed to maximize interoperability between different blockchains. Just as the internet connected computers, the Blocknet Protocol is critical for blockchains to communicate and realize full potential.
Connecting dApps

Blockchain Communication

XRouter is a decentralized communication layer that connects bulky blockchain networks to the lightweight multi-chain dApps of the future.

With XRouter, dApps can consume services and verify data on any blockchain, without the need to host blockchains locally.

By harnessing the Blocknet’s interchain overlay network (i.e. service nodes) and SPV proofs, XRouter empowers developers to build lightweight dApps that are decentralized from the ground up, and can be composed of services and contracts on many chains.

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Connecting Blockchains

Blockchain Exchange

XBridge is a decentralized exchange layer that connects any blockchain asset via cross-chain atomic swaps.

XBridge was designed from the ground up to decentralize each component of the exchange process, including storage of funds, orderbooks, order broadcast and settlement.

The Blocknet’s interchain overlay network (i.e. service nodes) provides an additional layer of security checks and prevent network spam.

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