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The Internet of Blockchains

Blocknet is a decentralized network that connects blockchains, similar to how the internet connects computers.

Whether it’s through cross-chain dApps or using the protocol as a 2nd layer to extend blockchain functionality, Blocknet provides developers with the capability to create the applications of tomorrow.

Build with Blocknet Components

The Blocknet Protocol is designed to maximize interoperability between different blockchains through the use of these components. Just as the internet connected computers, the Blocknet Protocol is critical for blockchains to communicate and realize full potential.
Connecting dApps


XRouter is a decentralized communication layer that connects bulky blockchain networks to the lightweight multi-chain dApps of the future.

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Connecting Blockchains


XBridge is a decentralized exchange layer that connects previously siloed blockchain assets via battle tested cross-chain atomic swaps.

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Read what others in the industry have to say about Blocknet.

"For those who don't know, the the Blocknet team has some amazing tech that utilizes SPV proofs to enable cross-chain interop in very useful and valuable ways. Im a big fan of their work and you should be too."

Dan Wasyluk
Co-founder of Syscoin,
Co-founder/CEO of BlockFoundry

"This is what we've been waiting for since the Blocknet's launch. Trade from your own wallets. 0 counterparty risk, 0 deposits/withdrawals. Run a BLOCK service node & some wallets, [and] you've enabled those trading pairs for everyone. And those traders pay you fees."

Pseudonymous crypto OG and spec miner

"Under appreciated, under valued, powerful technology! The Blocknet delivers what the ecosystem is yearning. The project just keeps on iterating, without abating, no reluctance to challenge the status quo. A disruptor amongst disrupting technology."

Noah Seidman
DigiByte Android Developer

"While most others are posing as decentralized exchanges, here's a real one."

Heidi Chakos
Crypto YouTube Personality

"I prefer decentralized exchanges like Block DX Exchange which charge you nothing [for listing], you just need to make sure the technology works and I think that’s a push in the right direction. The less barriers we have to entry, the less centralized points of failure, the less places you can get hacked or lose money, the better crypto becomes."

Crypto SI
PIVX team member

"[Centralized exchanges] are capable of creating multisig wallets to protect their clientele. Do any of them try? No! Requires work and is a hassle! They may be forced to once the true DEX systems start stealing their volume. Evolve or die. Thanks to Block DX Exchange for helping the evolution."

Craig Claussen
BitBay Applications Manager

"Atomic Swaps to [and] from DigiByte thanks to the Blocknet! This is the future of exchanges for cryptocurrency where it's direct, P2P, without it ever leaving your private-keys. I used their pre-beta last year, it's amazing!"

Josiah Spackman
DigiByte Ambassador

"One of the major factors tipped to drive momentum to Litecoin’s value is Blocknet’s announcement that LTC will soon function as a cross-blockchain decentralized app. This is because LTC is now compatible with the Blocknet protocol."

Powered by Blocknet

Whether it’s through cross-chain dApps or using the protocol as a second layer to extend blockchain functionality, the Blocknet protocol provides developers with the capability to create the decentralized applications of tomorrow.

Block DX

Block DX is the first true decentralized exchange that enables trading freedom for connected blockchains.
Listing on Block DX is free and does not require permission or control.

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XLite Wallet

Securely store and manage your cryptocurrencies with the new lightweight wallet built by Cloudchains Inc. and powered by the Blocknet protocol.

Interested in building the next generation of decentralized applications? Start building today with the Blocknet protocol.
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The Blocknet Network

Blocknet is governed by the community, for the community, without a centralized entity.
The project supports its own development through the self-funding mechanism.


Blocknet is self-governed by its stakeholders, meaning that stakers, token-holders, Service Node operators and others with a stake in the blockchain have the ability to make decisions together.

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Blocknet is an open sourced, self-funded, and self-governed project with dedicated contributors around the world.
Find out how you can get involved in the project.

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Support the Network

Blocknet is powered by a network of Service Nodes and Staking Nodes.
Service Nodes are the computational power behind all the Blocknet's capabilities while Staking Nodes protect the network via our Proof-of-Stake (POS) system.

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The Latest Blocknet News

The Blocknet to extend the power of Avalanche’s subnets

The Blocknet is extending the power of Avalanche’s subnets with a decentralized indexing system, enabling dapps to use Avalanche contracts and transactions alongside those on any other blockchain...

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Blocknet lists on Pangolin Exchange as $aaBLOCK

As of today, $aaBLOCK is accessible on Avalanche’s most liquid DEX, Pangolin, giving Avalanche users a natural place to acquire BLOCK and explore its interchain technologies like Block DX and XRouter....

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XRouter - The Biggest Advancement Since Ethereum

Blocknet’s XRouter, the world’s first blockchain router, is the final component poised to fill the gap required to create an "Internet of Blockchains." XRouter enables any and all blockchains and smart contracts to communicate...

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The Blocknet Core Wallet allows you to securely store, transact and stake BLOCK.
Use XLite Wallet to store multiple digital assets and trade on Block DX without downloading full chains.

Blocknet Core Wallet (v4.4.1)







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