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The Blocknet Protocol allows developers to build multi-chain applications and blockchain microservices by enabling communication, interaction, and exchange between different blockchains.

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The Blocknet Protocol enables decentralized communication and exchange between different blockchains in a permissionless and trustless manner.
This is achieved through the use of the TCP/IP networking layer for communication, P2P atomic swaps using BIP65 for exchange, and a DHT overlay network to host the full nodes of compatible blockchains, host microservices, and protect the network from spam and DOS.

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The Blocknet projects are open to all contributors, whether blockchain experts or enthusiasts. We welcome everyone to view our open source code and start contributing.

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Whether you're an expert developer or an enthusiastic beginner, our open source code and extensive documentation provides everything you need to get started building with Blocknet.

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Blocknet API

Blocknet provides a simple and powerful API to build previously impossible multi-chain applications that consume services on different blockchains, all while remaining 100% trustless and decentralized.

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Developer Community

Blocknet is an open-source project with a development team consisting of contributors from around the world, working together at both official and unofficial capacities.

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